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The Young Scientist Symposium is hosted by the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria). IST Austria is a PhD granting institution located in Klosterneuburg, 18 km from the center of Vienna.

There will be free shuttle buses between the Viennese metro and IST Austria for the YSS19 (how to get there)

The Institute is dedicated to cutting-edge fundamental research in life sciences, physical and formal sciences. Established in 2009, the institute has currently around 50 research groups under contract and will grow to about 90 research groups by 2026. IST Austria is an interdisciplinary research institution without departments that aims to break down the traditional boundaries between disciplines. It fosters both theoretical and experimental research, with an emphasis on close and meaningful collaborations between the two camps.

Recently, IST Austria was portrayed in a Nature article, devoted to leading young research institutes with promising research developments. It is rated in the top 10 of Nature’s top 30 under 30.

‘Researchers have thrived in the intellectual environment, more than doubling their contribution to Nature Index since 2015.’Nature Index, Sept 2018

How to get there

Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Am Campus 1
3400 Klosterneuburg
(Google maps)

From Vienna to IST Austria by public transport:
Once you reach the station Heiligenstadt (metro U4/local trains), you have three options:

  1. Special symposium bus leaving at 8.00 on May 17. All participants are encouraged to take this bus. It is free of charge.
  2. IST shuttle bus 142 leaving every 30-60 min (schedule, departure location)
  3. Local buses, please check the schedule for buses going from “Wien Heiligenstadt” to “Maria Gugging IST Austria” on the official page or download the app

From the airport (VIE) to IST Austria:

  • Airport taxis:
    + Fast, + Convenient
    – expensive (€ ~70)
    one trusted (but of course not the only) company is airport taxi driver
  • City airport train (CAT):
    + no intermediate stops until Vienna, + comfortable seats
    – no direct transfer to IST Austria, – rather expensive compared to local trains
    Route: CAT (Vienna Airport – Wien Mitte), metro U4 to Wien Heiligenstadt, bus to IST Austria (see above)
  • Local trains (OEBB):
    + cheap
    Options A: train S7 (Vienna Airport – Wien Mitte), U4 to Wien Heiligenstadt, bus to IST Austria (see above)
    Option B: Bus VAL2 (Vienna Airport – Schwedeplatz/Morzinplatz), U4 to Heiligenstadt, bus to IST Austria (see above)

More information on connections between the airport and Vienna can be found here